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July 15, 2014

Rising redshirt senior Evann Slaughter is in Europe representing Stony Brook and the United States in the Bring it Promotions Global Challenge, where she is playing for BIP-USA. In the second installment of her blog, she talks an eventful day of paddleboarding at Lake Bled. Follow her journey on GoSeawolves.org, on Twitter at  @StonyBrookVB and @SBAthletics and on Facebook at Facebook.com/StonyBrookVolleyball.

She will be hosting a Twitter Takeover of the @StonyBrookVB account Monday.

Hi again! Currently, it's day two of the European Global Challenge. It is the end of the day, and our record is 7-2. The only two sets we dropped were to Russia. Good news though, we are the No. 1 U.S. team at the tournament! How crazy is that?! I am so happy and thrilled that we have put ourselves in this position. It feels good to win and even better playing in a real match. I haven't played in a real match in over a year because of the fact that I tore my ACL and missed last season.

Tomorrow, we play at 2:30 in the quarterfinals. We don't know who we play. I'm actually watching a match to find out who we play; the winner plays us. But enough about volleyball! Let's talk about some of the sights I've been seeing! I've been vlogging everyday but the WiFi here is so spotty I've only been able to upload one. If you haven't seen it, click this link to watch it. It's a really fun video!  

Anyway, I am hoping upload them soon, so I don't want to write about the experience too much. I want you to see it. It's one of those instances where I can only describe it so much because you have to see it for yourself. With that said, I will tell you about my day at Lake Bled in Slovenia! We went to this BEAUTIFUL lake in Bled, Slovenia that was four miles long all the way around. There was a small island in the middle that you could paddleboard to or rent a boat and row it out there (story about that coming up). The water was crystal clear but a little cold.



Some of the team decided to paddleboard out to the church on the island. I had never been paddleboarding before so I was like, "Sure! Why not?!" WRONG CHOICE. For one, I'm kind of scared of being in water where I can't put my feet on the bottom or don't have anything to grab onto near me. I was sooooo scared! At first, I was on my knees so it wasn't that bad. But standing up was a different story. It was just me on this paddleboard in the middle of the lake, which is crazy! I finally stood up off my knees and as I started paddling, I heard a plop and see my video camera floating downwards in the water. My heart immediately dropped and broke at the same time. If I wasn't so scared of the water, I would have reached down and tried to grab it but I was so petrified of standing up on the paddleboard that I didn't want to make any sudden movements and fall in. I couldn't do anything but watch my camera float to the bottom of Lake Bled. I was so sad. Like, heartbroken. I ended up going back down on my knees and paddling the rest of the way to the island like that because I was so distraught, haha. On the island, it was really nice, but I really didn't take everything in because of the camera fiasco. The church on the island was really cute. It had a tradition of going up to the top of it and ringing the bell for good luck. Practically everyone on the team rang the bell. It was awesome! We walked around the whole island on the coast, which was about 10 minutes and then decided to go back. Taking no chances and still distraught, I paddled the whole way back to the mainland on my knees lol. At least I can say I did it though, no regrets!

And that was my day at Lake Bled. A very interesting day to say the least! J Stay tuned to GoSeawolves.org, and the following twitters: @StonyBrookVB, @Evannlutionary and @Keezyfbaby8 for updates on the tournament and our trip!

Ciao, Evann